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(n_n)             smile
(._.)             uh .. oh
(-__-)            sick, sleepy, tired 
(;_;)             tears
(T_T)             cry, sad
(@_@)             dizzy
(O_O)             amazed
(*^*)             astonished
(>_<)             ouch
(^_^)             happy
*(^O^)*           happier
(^o^)             glad
(¬_¬)             mad
(¬_¬")            pissed off
(X_X)             dead
(=_=)             boring
(*-*)             i love it
(!__!)            sad
(o_O)             incredulous
(*O*)             incredible
(-O-)             pretentious
([o])             crying
\\(<.<|>.>)//     glancing around
(o_o)             seriously?
(;O;)             crying bad
(_O_)             duh
(.O.')            confused
(p_q)             confused
(-_-;)            i messed it up
('_')             serious
(?_?)             what?
('O')             singing
m(_ _)m           sleeping on the desk, giving up 
w(^o^)W           wow
(/_\)             melted, sad
(=^_^=)           cat, kittie
(u_u)             sad
(ú_ú)             blue mood
(>O<)             yuck!
(-_o)             wink
8(>_<)8           jealous
(ô_ô)             what r u looking
(z_z)             sleepy
(9_9)             didn't sleep
(>>)              look away
(6.6)             feint
(~o~)             you're crazy
(^_^)/~~          bye
(ToT)/~~~         say goodbye
(;_;)/~~~         goodbye (crying)
(^-^)V            victory
p(^^)q            good luck
(#_#)             beaten up
\(^o\) (/o^)/     dancing
(n///n)           shy
(o|o)             suprised
(U_U)             i'm sorry
(.-.)             shocked
(>*-*>)           hug
^(*-*)^           hands
(^-^)b            congratulations
\(*O*)/           fabulous, great
(^^)//            cheering
((((((^_^;)       escaping
((+_+))           uhmmmm
(^o^)y            peace
(>.<)             arrrrgh!
($v$)             greedy
(-.-)zzzzz        asleep
(~_^)             wink
( )( O . O )( )   Monkey, dog, animal face 
( L_____L ) ~zzz  sleeping
(^w^)             Happy Neko
(>w<)             Crazy Happy Neko 
(OwO)             wow
(^;_;^)           cry happy
(ò_ô)             what the!?
(õ_ó)             uhhh...
(¬_¬)             yeah right ...
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